Shakybridge Inc —  Informed Solutions for Mission Critical Systems

Welcome to Shakybridge Inc.   Our company specializes in scientific and technical consulting services in a variety of fields including: computers and associated software, electronic engineering, quality assurance, radio antennas and telecommunications devices, intelligent small arms ammunition, formal verification and product marketing.    Our focus is primarily on technically challenging fields to provide bespoke solutions for hard problems typically encountered in mission critical systems.

We also provide more generic application software and software conversion advice for smart phones such as the Apple iPhone. 

Antenna design services range from specific point to point and frequency designs for geographically diverse military installations  in the HF spectrum to semi-custom designs for amateur radio to consumer product designs such as antennas for HDTV.  Our RF division does leading edge work on wideband Class-D RF emitters and amplifiers and we can provide fully custom or semi-custom solutions as well as offering adjustment services for existing Class-AB amplifier technology to obtain greater bandwidths.

Specific areas of expertise include:

  • FPGA design  (Flash, Antifuse or SRAM)
  • ProASIC3, Fusion, IGLOO FPGA circuit design, programming and usage
  • Formal Verification (Theorem proving, model checking and both sequential and structural equivalence checking)
  • Standard ML programming
  • Verilog and VHDL RTL design flow
  • Design-for-test
  • Tools used in Electronic Design Automation
  • Quality Assurance
  • iPhone application software (Consulting on conversions as well as our own generic software)
  • iPhone forensics (Data retrieval for police and other official agencies)
  • Relational databases (Analysis, queries and data conversion)
  • Compact high-efficiency RF emitters and amplifiers
  • Antenna designs and modeling from MF to UHF
  • Transmission line analysis
  • Circuit board analysis and advice for improvement (both analog and mixed mode as well as RF)

Our unique service and expertise allows us to make a distinctive and substantial impact for our clients.

For more information please call 408-376-0739 or email us at