Mubarak — an Eid greeting card generator
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Looking for unique and beautiful Eid cards and verse?
Then look no further!

Mubarak is an Eid Mubarak greeting card generator to send greeting cards for the celebration of Eid ul-Fitr at the end of Ramadan and at Eid al-Adha following the Hajj festival. Automatically generated greeting verses are added to the email along with large card images when the preview of the large image is clicked in the application. You can edit the message to your heart's content or cancel the email, go back and reselect the image to get a different random greeting verse. If you do not like the automatically generated verse, it is simple to generate another.  All images are authentic Islamic imagery.

Images are larger than the resolution of the iPhone, allowing gorgeous email display on large computers.  You can simply select the size of the image you wish to send from your iPhone or iPad device when sending the email.   Smaller images are great for display on an iPhone and are faster to send, using less data bandwidth; larger images are wonderful to receive if your friend is operating on a normal computer, as the Eid Mubarak greeting cards are then very beautiful to behold.

All images and verses are suitable for all generations, and may be used by all Muslim denominations and non-Muslims alike.  You can send unlimited Eid cards to your friends and family.

Celebrate Eid and make your friends and family happy with Mubarak, the perfect app for the perfect day.