iKindi — music pitch and scale generator
Download from Apple iTunes store at http://itunes.com/apps/ikindi


The iKindi musical application is named after the Arab scholar al-Kindi, who was one of the first people to develop a mathematical analysis of music.

iKindi provides synthesized play of four octaves of notes starting at Low C (C3) and continuing through the octave beginning with Middle C (C4) and continuing on through the octaves beginning with Tenor C (C5) and Soprano C (C6). Notes names can be displayed in a choice of either scientific (C4, D4, E4, etc.) or the fixed soflège system (Do, Re, Mi, etc. )of solmization . The frequency of each note is displayed when selected. The A4 (440Hz) concert pitch may be used for orchestral tuning. Scales and arpeggios may be selected and played as well as chords formed from the arpeggio notes. You can easily change the speed of play. Major, natural minor, melodic minor, harmonic minor and a variety of other scales may be selected, all from a convenient simple at-your-fingertips interface. Augmented notes (black keys) may be chosen to be labeled as sharps (♯) or as flats (♭) with the appropriate automatic change in base name. For singing practice, the scales will be found very useful for choir warm-ups. The iKindi musical application additionally has timbre selection of: pure sine wave (sinusoidal waveform, just like a tuning fork), synthesized trumpet and synthesized clarinet sounds. For certain singing practice it will be found more relaxing to listen to the richer harmonics of either the trumpet or the clarinet.

The application is available with English, Spanish, German and Russian localizations.