Autovon — a full 16-tone DTMF dialer
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A full 16-tone DTMF dialer which allows users to generate tones for use with land-line telephones to enable them to look up their contacts and dial them automatically by holding the iPhone or iPod Touch speaker next to the land-line telephone's microphone.

Unlike a regular telephone with just 12 keys, an extra 4 keys are provided for the highest column tones used originally in the now closed down military Autovon system of the 1960's to designate call precedence level. Routine calls were sent without a precedence tone. In order of increasing precedence, Priority, Immediate, Flash and Flash Override tones corresponding to the D, C, B and A keys of a 16-key keypad are provided. These tones are sometimes used to control access to special features of amateur radio repeaters as well as other equipment. iPhone users can also use the cell phone dial button to use their cell phone to dial a number without the precedence tones. The Tone Dial button is available to both iPhone and iPod Touch users. Any contact may be looked up and the number automatically loaded into the application. The keyboard symbols may be changed to one of three forms: original, modern and groovy. This allows end users to customize the application defaults to their desired preferences.