Aldis Lamp — a visual Morse code signaling application
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An Aldis Lamp signaling application to allow a user to find keys but also with a momentary Morse button to allow the lamp to be flashed as needed. The "On / Off" switch can be used to switch the lamp permanently on; in this mode the Aldis Lamp can be used as a key-hole finder. The Morse button will then switch the lamp off while it is pressed. Traditional signaling across a field may be easily employed without using up any SMS messaging minutes or air-time minutes. It is recommended that the absolute maximum speed used for Aldis Lamp signaling be 14wpm, although most users should limit themselves to 12wpm. If you need to get a brighter lamp at night, switch to Settings and disable the Auto-Brightness feature and increase the brightness.

The version 1.1 has a slightly larger Morse key provided as per requests. Info button with Settings display of all International Morse Code characters plus a new Auto Key capability, for automatically sending a Distress (SOS) signal. The autokey is color coded to ensure you know what is happening.